Our grooming is consists of a 3 good baths, followed by a deep conditioning.  We express the anal glands, nail trim, clean the ears, give a hair cut after the bath in full grooms and spritz with a favorite perfume from New York. Les Poochs brand. 

A bath still includes face, feet, tummy and tail. 

Starting Bath prices are as follows: 

Small dog: $30

Medium Dog: $45

Large Dog: $55

Starting Groom prices:

Small dog $50

Medium dog $55

Large Dog $80

X-Large Dogs Upon request

The above pricing does not include the fee for matts and or fleas and ticks, rush times, special need dogs.  I DO NOT do aggressive dogs in any way and I have the right to refuse any dog for any reason. 

For NEW CLIENTS. Please tell me ahead of time at the time of booking your appointment. :) CODE BRANDNEW10

SERVICES: DOG and CAT GROOMING - Animal Photography - Pet Daycare - Pet Massage Therapy

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opening hours: 


Email: Caissepooches@gmail.com